• Ladies Night Out Indianapolis
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  • You bring the group, we will bring the massage, wine and chocolates!

  • Ask about our low first time rates!

  • Groups of 6 or more get 2 hours for $50 each!

  • Save time, book online!

  • We close the spa for your group to enjoy privately!

  • We are open 7 days a week!

Book Online

Simple. Easy.

Book for 5 minutes from now or many months ahead. Our online booking system is simple and easy.



Massage iNDY's pricing structure allows you to pay the rate based on the date of your last visit. Starting with a first visit rate of $50, you begin to save right away. If you return within 14 days, you keep the rate of just $50 for an hour Swedish massage. Return between 15 and 31 days and that rate becomes $60. No prepayments. No contracts. No sales pitches. Read below for further pricing details.

Couples Special Rates

We discount our couples rate everyday, always. We do more couples than anyone because we have 5 couples therapy rooms along with the best rates. Because our couples rate is always discounted, the "1st time rates" do not apply to couples massages, but "return rates" will be applied.

  • $80 for 25 hands-on minutes of Swedish Massage
  • $120 for 50 hands-on minutes of Swedish Massage
  • $190 for 80 hands-on minutes of Swedish Massage
  • $240 for 110 hands-on minutes of Swedish Massage

Read more about couples massage here.

First Visit Rates

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Indianapolis Ladies Night

Ladies Night Indianapolis

The best ladies night event in Indianapolis is at Massage iNDY of Fishers. Spa Parties include full body massage , photos taken of your group, time together with your group plus the opportunity to bring any food or drink of your choosing!


Holiday, bachelorette, friends, family, reunions or any gathering for any reason can enjoy the comfort of our facility, great staff, amazing massage and delicious refreshments (alcohol or not).

For 2 hours, the rate of $50 per person (+$10 tip for the therapist) is a bargain. Yet the experience is far from compromised. The massage time varies depending on the size of the group.  We highly encourage you to bring food and beverages to make the experience exactly as you want it. 

Groups of just 2 is $70 each. Groups of 3 to 5 is $60 each. Groups of 6 or more is just $50 per person.

We require half the rate up front with the remainder paid during the event. Our event page, www.Parties.MassageINDY.com will list your event and those who want to attend will sign up to join your party and pay their deposit at that time. Once they do their name will show as attending the party within your parties page. 

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