groupon-logo-indianapolisIt is with great excitement that we get to announce the recent partnership with where they featured our Thai Bodwork Stretching and Foot Massage services. Groupon is an internet based group buying website where they guarantee a business a minimum amount of sales in exchange for a special pricing program exclusively available through

Groupon has allowed us to reach hundreds of thousands of people that we could have never reached on our own. Our deal arrived directly in to inboxes and smartphone apps all over Indianapolis. In exchange for that we agreed to a 3 day only special one time price of $12 for either a Thai Bodywork Stretching session or Foot Massage.

As you can see in the screenshot at the bottom of this page, we sold 910 session over a 3 day period. And while we celebrate such great success, we couldn't help but feel that perhaps our loyal, regular customers who helped build us from the beginning were being left out. So we extended this outrageous deal for one 24 hour period, available only via our website, to honor our loyal, regular clients. You guys and gals were around long before Groupon arrived. And for that we say "thank you" and invite you to purchase our Thai Bodywork Stretching or Foot Massages at this discounted rate until 10pm Friday March 25, 2011!