Networking Event Indianapolis Fishers

BEGINNING MONDAY AUGUST 10th!Experience the most relaxing networking event in Indianapolis. Monday - Friday from 11am to 1pm you can experience the power of group buying, even if you are coming alone. By joining in with others, we buy down the price to only $50 to receive an hour massage plus an hour of wine, cheese & crackers and the potential for great professional networking.


  • Each massage is in a separate, private room.
  • Each group will vary in size.
  • Largest group total is 10. There is not a minimum. 
  • Participants DO NOT have to attend both hours.
  • Massages can be done at 11 or 12 to adapt to work schedules.
  • Even a 50 minute massage and just 10 minutes of swapping business cards is still worth $50
  • Highly recommend the full 2 hours to build strong connections with others if time allows.
  • This may be the only massage you can actually wright off as a business expense.

To register simply complete the form below. You can post any questions further below in the comments section. Or call 317-721-9321.