Are you looking for booth rent for a Massage Business? Massage Indy, an Indianapolis based Massage & Bodywork Services Company, today announces the launch of a Pay As You Use Massage Room Rental Service. In response to an ever increasing number of new massage school graduates entering the marketplace, Massage INDY will utilize its many furnished massage rooms to help kick-start the careers of new and current massage therapists by ensuring they can build their practice without ANY pre-paid overhead expenses.

Why pay Booth Rent?

Pay As You Use Massage Room Rental Services includes a professional massage room fully stocked with sheets, headrest covers, Organic Coconut Oil, spa music and players, blanket and more. 

To ensure smooth operations of this program, Massage iNDY has a web-based booking system exclusively for Room renters that gives up-to-the-second availability of each room as well as allowing for reservations to be input 24 hours a day. For privacy and respect of client information, client details from room renters are NOT entered into the system, rather the scheduling Therapist simply reserves the room in his/her name.

A sample case study of a typical therapist working from a private office suit with a monthly price of $500, where he or she sees 8 clients a week will pay an average of $500/32 = $16 per client. If that was the only fee associated with running and maintaining an office, the room rental rates would still be fair because of the lack of lease commitments and deposits. However, the reality is there are costs associated with an office such as: utilities ($75), laundry ($40), massage cremes ($60), internet/phone ($55) and numerous unforeseen expenses. Factoring these expenses into the overall cost, $500 + $230 = $730 or ($730/32 = $23 per client. When slow weeks or months happen, the per massage costs/expenses is further increased.

There is not a signup fee associated with this program. There is a pre-payment of your first rental due upon initial orientation. Normal payments are due AFTER each reservation has been completed. This allows a therapist to EARN the money before in turn paying the rental fee. 

Please call 317-721-9321 for more information and schedule a walk-through.