Nursing is a physically and emotionally demanding vocation. We honor nurses with a special massage program.

Nurses Back PainNurses have it rough. And no rate of pay nor sign on bonuses can mask the physical tolls the vocation of nursing entails. Massage INDY has created a "Nurses Back" Massage Program to address the chronic back pain associated with the nursing profession.

A research study involving nurses concluded that "Nurses suffer from work-related low back pain more often than workers in other professions". And while there are more and more industry trends to lessen this toll on the body of nurses, the one on one care that often requires physically moving patients around will continue to take its toll. Another study suggests that 65% of orthopedic nurses and 58% of ICU nurses will experience debilitating backpain at some point in their career.

Further research in this area includes utilizing Massage Therapy as a tool for responding to chronic low back pain. The results were significant suggesting that Massage effectively eases chronic low back pain.

At 10 weeks, six months and one year, the massage groups fared much better than those receiving usual care, with the former being twice as likely to report significant improvements in pain and function compared with the usual-care patients. Approximately two-thirds of the massage patients improved substantially, compared with an estimated one-third of the usual-care group.

Massage Indy's "Nurses Back" Program

Results with any treatment program takes time and consistency to appear. Therefore, our program for nurses is built around rewarding those who get massage on a consistent basis over a period of time.

+ UPDATE! As of April 19, 2014

We had a multi tiered pricing program that gradually lowered the cost for nurses after each visit. But now that we have an exciting new "Frequent Kneader" program that applies to everyone, we can offer an even better deal to Nurses. Please read more here about our pricing.