Thai Bodywork Massage Fishers

After introducing Indianapolis to Thai Bodywork in 2011 and performing over 2000 sessions at our Broad Ripple location, we have began offering Thai at our new Fishers facility.

Thai Bodywork is a session of 20 plus stretches mixed in with deep body compressions performed by a trained professional. Some people refer to Thai as "assisted yoga" or jokingly as "Lazy Person's Yoga".

What are the benefits of Thai Bodywork?

Thai Bodywork delivers an improved range of motion, improves blood circulation, invigorates the body and is a form of bodywork that can be delivered fully clothed.

What is the price of Thai Bodywork?

Thai Bodywork is $50 for 25 minutes. However our first time rate and ridiculous return rates will apply lowering the rate to as low as $39.99.

Not all of our staff provide this service. Please read the profiles or call 317-721-9321 to find the right therapist for you.