Massage Therapy is one of of the fastest growing segments of the wellness industry. Unfortunately, many providers of massage have been slow adapting to this growth and continue to use old-fashioned business models that fall short of meeting the expectations of today's busy professionals.

MASSAGE iNDY utilizes the latest in technology to ensure the communication, education and scheduling processes are appreciated by Indianapolis business professionals. Combining text messaging, online appointments, therapist profiles and live chat - we are focused on being a client-friendly approach to doing business.

The 50 minute massage versus 60 minute massage

At face value, who would not prefer 60 minutes versus 50 minutes of anything good, much less a massage? We are up front on our website that our one hour session is 50 minutes. We do this because our clientel is primarily busy professionals. Our typical client appreciates that upon arrival at 1pm, for example, that after 50 minutes of massage he/she is walking out the door by 2pm and able to attend the next business meeting or get back to the office.

The subtle difference between 50 minutes and 60 minutes reduces each therapists availability per day by one full appointment. This is very impactful on the client as the reduced spots of availability means less likelihood of seeing the therapist you want when you want.

The typical massage school trains massage students to do 50 minute massages. It is adequate time to be both relaxed and renewed. If it is not enough time for you, you might consider our hour and half massage option.