Massage iNDY has completed its expansion and successful re-branding effort. Now featuring 2300 sq ft facility with 4 furnished Massage Therapy rooms, including a dedicated couples massage room, plus an 700 foot Thai Stretching and Foot Massage room. We do more couples massage than anyone in Indianapolis. We offer Walk-In massage which can make a slow day busy really quick! We dominate all search engines for massage keywords which feeds us lots of our business. Our therapists are trained onsite to offer Thai Stretching (not required) as a healthy complimentary service for additional income.

Massage iNDY is unique in that we have a dedicated focus to Massage Therapy. Our Thai Stretching and Foot Massage is an addon service AROUND our primary service of Massage. Our pay plan is competitive: $20 Half Hour, $30 Hour and $45 Hour and Half pay rates. We also feature $10 deep tissue bonuses paid out in cash daily for each deep tissue performed. Weekly guaranteed minimum salary is available for the right therapist.

We are open from 9am to 9pm M-F and daytime weekend hours. So a wide range of availability allows us to create flexible schedules. However, we are very comfortable with a fixed, consistent schedule as well.

We are celebrating our one year anniversary in May. This past year we completed over 2000 massages. Most of those were before we got our new, road side, highly exposed location. We will do over 3000 massages this year. We need additional dynamic, healing focused, people loving therapists to make that happen. It is our goal for each therapist to make $1000 a week. Not every therapist has the skillset to make that much, yet the right therapists, in our system can reach that point. Even part time Therapists can do well at Massage iNDY. Our goal is to find the best team, regardless of Full Time or Part Time.

Please apply online today for more information.