Today's available times for each therapist are listed below. Simply click "make reservation" to claim your time. You can also book by text at 317-721-9321.

What Does First Available Mean?

We rotate our massages in the order of arrival of our staff. Unless a requested therapist is specified, we place all reservations into the "first available" position to be held until we determine the assigned therapist. Choosing "first available" avoids the $10 Preferred Therapist Request fee and the associated $10 deposit necessary to reserve that therapist.

Couples Massage Info

To book a couples massage you can choose "first available" below and then "quantity" of 2 for therapists to make booking easy and complete in one process. You can also book two preferred therapists separately if you have a preference. Keep in mind the $10 preferred therapist request fee of $10.

About Deposits

Booking a specific therapist denies that therapist the chance to see anyone else. To ensure proper commitment level of the person booking the reservation, a non-refundable $10 deposit is required at the time of booking. We use PayPal but any credit or debit card is accepted. Repeat clients do not need deposits. 

How to book a reservation: First Visit

You can begin with selecting the start time for "FIRST AVAILABLE" to allow for the lowest price point at the time of your choosing. Our introductory rate is $49.99 for the hour Swedish if you book the "First Available" therapist at your chosen time avoiding the $10 Preferred Therapist Request Fee.

How to book a reservation: Preferred Therapist

If you prefer a therapist based on a past visit or a recommendation, simply click the available time slot next to their name. Keep in mind a deposit of $10 will be required to book the therapist. This deposit is equal to the Preferred Therapist Fee of $10 added to the price of the massage.

But I am a regular client, do I have to pay a deposit?

The short answer is: No. We love our regulars and we typically we recognize you by name. Once you book, simply text us at 317-721-9321 and we will confirm the reservation ourselves (no deposit needed). From the time you book below, the reservation is held awaiting payment for 5 minutes. That gives us plenty of time to receive your text and confirm the reservation. The $10 Preferred Therapist Request fee does remain, however, as part of the balance due for the massage.

If no one is available at the time you prefer, we highly encourage you to try our partners next door at Self Service Spa of Fishers. You will not believe the quality of massage these chairs provide!
Massage Chairs Fishers

If you want to avoid the $10 Preferred Therapist Request Fee choose "FIRST AVAILABLE" for your booking.