Massage iNDY is giving buy 1 get 1 free massages to those who attend the new Vegas Style Ghostly Thriller show from the Married2Magic team of Christian and Katalina. As the founders and performers of the acclaimed Mind Tripping Show, Christian and Katalina have long thrilled audiences with the power of "tripping" minds so that what is seen, still can't be believed. Starting October 21, this celebrated, Indianapolis based Husband and Wife team will launch ShadowLand: A Ghostly Thriller for a limited number of showings.

Shadowland Show Indianapolis

A ghostly thriller that explores the unknown, your fears, and dark imagination.

Currently playing at the Indianapolis Hilton Hotel and Suites on Friday and Saturday night at 11:00 PM

Starting October 21st for a limited time

Tickets are $25 and $20

Come out late . . . if you dare. . .

Put "Massage" in the coupon code or simply mention to Christian or Katalina at the show of your desire to get this special deal of a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Massage from Massage INDY. Click here to buy your tickets now or Call 317-691-6399. Each show has very limited seating as this is an intimate, audience participation type show.

October 21 | October 22 | October 28 | October 29 | November 5 | November 12