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Couples Massage

The experience of over 2,000 happy couples gives you confidence your experience will be great.


Open 9am to 9pm Weekdays. Open 9am to 8pm on Saturdays. Open 12pm to 7pm on Sundays

Gift Cards

In 2 minutes you can have a gift card in your email to download, print or email to anyone.

Online Booking

Our online booking is instant, guaranteed and painless. No prepaying or hoops to jump through.

Valentines Massage



$80 Couples 1/2 Hour | $120 Couples Hour | $160 Couples Hr + 1/2

This Valentines Season in Indianapolis & Fishers, Massage iNDY continues to offer our industry leading couples massage pricing. New for this season with our new location is 4 COUPLES ROOMS (twice as many as we had before and more than anyone in Indiana). Twice the chances of getting the preferred time of your choosing!




Massage Therapy

Our half hour couples massage rate is always an astonishingly low price of $80 for the couple. An even better value is our $120 price for an hour couples massage. The hour and half couples pricing is $160.


a Couples Massage Gift Card discounted $10 for prepaying and have the gift card emailed to you instantly.